Monday, November 12, 2012

Road to Koroni, Messinias

Barbra Ioannis
In the 6 am bus to Molaos. Hiked up the road carrying my bag because the rolling thing on the cement was creating quite a stir in a sleeping village. Was a bit nervous with a few strange noises in the trees (sheep?) until Barba Ioannis showed up w/a granddaughter who was going to school. (Had determined 2 days ago that he was the guy who took us to Leonidhion by caiaque 7/74.)

Kiparissi Road 
I can see lights from the village down below -- and let me say that navigating this bus through village streets and around hairpin mountain curves is just CRAZY, especially around cars parked on the road. Don't mind if the driver has to smoke. And in the horizon the sun is coming up...

Time to contemplate a bit what happened last night: The Greek Parliament ratified the 2013 budget with all the spending cuts required by the Eurozone. This was visible to all live on the Greek equivalent of C-SPAN. And today the Euro people vote on the next loan installment.

(Misreported a bit the issue of taxing children as it had been spun on a morning talk show. What will be happening -- with same $$ effect on families -- is the removal of all exemptions. Taxation will be the same across-the-board whether married or not, children or none..I think more people will flee Athens back to villages where they might have property rights and/or a home. People in Kiparissi had some beautiful vegetable gardens. While people do go out some to kafeneia, etc., things are tightening up. I never saw another person eating in the Trocadero taverna while I was there over a weekend. Spent about 45 Euros in 3 days; when I said good-bye, the owner gave me hug.)

Picking up passengers as we continue to Molaos. Woman next to me hanging on to the seatback for dear life while eyeing my BlackBerry suspiciously. Sheep in the road, olive tree branches brushing against the windows. Some things will never change. Enjoying the ride...

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