Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last night in Kiparissi

Packing up after dinner with Paraliako hotel-keeper Stella, who was kind enough to drive me around town, as it were, to interview people about the Sarris Family and the village. Nice souvlaki/pitas in restaurant next door, a modernized traditional structure that had been a woodshop belonging to Stella's family. They also own the Mirto Hotel.

I did go to church today where I again encountered Mrs. Georgia Poulakis (from the bus trip), who is somehow related to Uncles Pete and George Pappas. She is my conduit to that side of the family and invited me to her house for coffee.

The day was also memorable for:

1) Speaking with the oldest Sarris family survivor, the daughter of my grandfather's brother Kosta. She lives in the the upper section of the village, Vrisi. I showed her pictures of my visit with her in 1974 and her husband allowed me to photograph a family portrait hanging in the bedroom. She is 82 now, with 2 children. I left her a few photos of my grandfather and a few more to be given to her daughter Froso -- so that there will be some record of George Sarris and his sister Sophia (Demakopoulos) after they left for the USA, and also of my two visits to Kiparissi.

Kosta Sarris Family 
(Margaro bottom right)
Margaro & husband 2012

2) Hiking up to a mill built by the Sarris Family in 1821 -- the first of 6 mills above the village. Indeed, water is still supplied to the village by collecting rainwater up high that is then piped down to the village. There is a rather large family home above the mill, where my grandfather may well have lived before joining a large exodus of people from the village after 1908-10. Unfortunately the roof has caved in, and while the walls seem sturdy there is junk and rubble everywhere. I heard that the many descendants can't decide what to do with it and thus have left it in a terrible state. Incredible old olive tree out front...Quite a view from there, wonder what will become of all that!

Sarris Family Homestead
View from Sarris Family Mill
At lunchtime, I said good-bye to the owner of the Trocadero Taverna -- after a beautiful "horiatiki salata" and some really wonderful Ktima Theodorakakou "Kidhonitsa" organic white wine (which reminded me of Chenin Blanc). They do make some great wines down here...

Tomorrow I will walk down to the main road to catch the 6 am bus -- he'd better stop for me!

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