Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leaving Koroni :(

Koroni Peninsula
My day off was a good one if not that restful. Visited the ramparts again as I had learned that the peninsula extended down past the walls. Did not think I'd ever seen this before. Then down the new road past my uncle's house to the beach to see many apartments rented during the summer. No road there when I first visited 50 years ago -- only vineyards, tomatoes and goats!

Later I splurged on grilled octopus for lunch, with okra and giant beans. Lots of oil involved...Later in town I noticed a sign proclaiming Koroni the Capital of the Mediterranean Diet according to Unesco -- who knew?

Botoula Varvarakis
Now It's almost 8 am on Thursday, and I am waiting for the bus to Athens having just ate an excellent spinach pie from Bakery Rachel. The baker said he'd been there since 3 am...My cousin (3rd) Botoula just whizzed by on her motorcycle, and here she comes back with a snack for me from the same bakery. Is this going to be another "slap-on" day?

Sad to leave, as I have really enjoyed my stay. But now the bus is maneuvering back into the side street and up around the church; if you are a car, you will wait your turn. And we're off...passing by hotels (some sort of bridgework being done), Koroni Camping, olive and other trees/flowers. There's a Sipsas Super Market; that family seems to own half the town (including my Diana hotel!). Most of the trip to Kalamata (51 km) is up the coast, which I had not been able to appreciate Monday nite. Now in Messini...

Have bought my ticket (27.30 EU to Athens), and the conductor has verified that I can keep my #12 window seat. Enjoying the ride, more later perhaps..
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