Monday, November 12, 2012

Koroni at last, but...

I am sitting in Zorba's psistaria, counting my blessings and drinking ouzo...After a 15-hour trip, I was dropped off by a grouchy bus driver above Koroni center near the Sofotel Hotel where I theoretically had a reservation -- which was dark and locked tighter than a drum! I had sent them an email earlier telling them what bus I was on.

So here I am walking down the streets of Koroni -- where I haven't been in 30 years -- looking for a place to stay. Could I really go looking for my relatives' house and knock on the door after 9 pm? I don't think so, unless totally desperate.

Looking down on the square I saw a hotel sign for the Diana Hotel. Got a nice little room for 25 EU, with a TV and a key to the front door. Seems OK and more convenient -- and I certainly didn't want to be the only one in a hotel again.

Travelers note: Hotels in seaside villages after 10/31 may be cheaper, but are hard to come by. Double check.

Good night!
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