Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Get Started

Getting ready for my trip to Stockton for Thanksgiving -- and also preparing some photos to ask my Aunt Liberty about. I am rounding up as much family history as I can, including info for a family tree and a timeline of my family in Stockton. Recently, I have missed my parents more and more...

1879 W. Sonoma Street (2-09)

The picture on the right is one of five I have in a special frame, chronicling the many years my mother was best friends with Oly Spanos and Anthe Faipeas. This friendship was a constant in our lives, through the day of Oly's funeral in 2007. Does anyone know when this picture was taken?

When I come back to Stockton, it sometimes feels like nothing has changed -- and that none of us have changed, except to grow older. Guess that's why I like to come home.

We have a lot of shared memories and some things we don't know about, so let's share what we can -- before it's too late, if you know what I mean. Let's ask questions, so that we can put together the story of Greeks and Greek-Americans in Stockton, CA.

What do you think?

Paula ("to poulaki," as George Pappas likes to call me:)

PS: The children of the women in the photo have been sent invitations to follow this blog + Debbie Buck, even though Helen Marmas was not in the photo -- but I still need the email addresses for Peter Marmas, Vickie Spanos, Gary Spanos, and Jimmy Spanos. Thanks!