Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stockton Rural Cemetery

It's about 12:30. Always feel calm here - so much history, and I know that some day I'll be joining the crew. Unfortunately my list of "customers" for holiday remembrances grows longer -- now w/ "Uncle George" Pappas. Always time to say hello to my Mom's best friends, Oly and Anthe...

(Indeed, Andy Pappas invited me to Papapavlou's for lunch on Monday -- and we spoke about his Dad and my trip to Greece and our common village Kiparissi. I was told there that the original Papapavlou was a Sarris, a priest named Paul! I did not know that Andy and Jennifer got engaged in the village in 1997; Andy is very dedicated to his Greek heritage and they have worked very hard to be successful restauranteurs. And I also did not know that the woman who bought my parents' house works at Andy's restaurant!)

Antonios Koutsoukis 1890-1945
This cemetery visit I looked for and found my Dad's Uncle Tony, who I learned more about when recently in Greece. Tony Koutsoukis came from Naoussa Makedonias and died here in 1945 at age 55. Good-looking guy, my father was also very good looking as a young man.

There are rows and rows of Greek-American Stocktonians, many people that I knew. Next time I will have to look around some more. Today, however, more dreary/damp Stockton weather - though the sun is now peeking in and out of the clouds.

Now I will go out to Mariposa Road where my Dad's parents lived briefly on some sort of farm in 1937. I have some pictures, but don't know where exactly -- and doubt I will ever find any actual abode in the now suburbs. But I am getting closer...
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