Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last Stop: 7/11 at Ben Holt and I-5

Georgia Metaxas
Leaving Stockton after a week, which means also a week staying at Rio Las Palmas w/Thea Libby. I settled in nicely there on the couch; and she has a great space with a great bathroom!. It is one of the better Assisted Living facilities in Stockton, but one has to take advantage of the amenities and activities. In any case, it was there that we celebrated Georgia Metaxas' 86th birthday yesterday evening -- and I can only hope to be in such fine fettle in 20 years!

Kathy and Jane Demas
My Aunt Libby and I spent Xmas Eve with Kathy and Jane Demas, lots of memories there...Jane happens to be renting a house next to Kathy's which belongs to Stan Tzikas. Who knew? We then drove down Meadow Ave to see all the Xmas lights -- I love Xmas lights and placed a string of white ones (solar) on my aunt's balcony. Xmas Day in church I saw many old friends, then Xmas dinner at Aunt Ethel's with Nick and Connie's family. Alec has started college and Demetra is a 9th grader interested in track!

Must admit I had lunch yesterday at Suzy's on Harding: beef soup plus the Mexican kitchen sink AND salad bar, the largest $7.95 meal around unless it's a buffet. Now to deflate a bit as I head to my nephew Alex's wedding in VA. Thanks to Nick X, my aunts Libby and Ethel will enjoy the event via Skype. I just hope my blouse still fits...

Until then..
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