Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Stockton for Xmas

Here I am staying with my aunt at Rio Las Palmas for the Xmas holidays - will also spend Xmas Eve with Kathy and Jane Demas, then visit with Aunt Ethel Xanttopulos et al on Xmas Day. Today church, to see what's happening...

Libby Sarris at Tacqueria Carolina

Didn't get out for Mexican food this time with my Aunt Liberty, but we have enjoyed many such meals in the past -- and she's always up for that kind of thing...But had a great lunch with Debbie Marmas Buck at Jalapenos by where she works - glad to catch up, also re Peter. Anybody out there interested in my Stockton Mexican Restaurant Review List? Admittedly,  I went Korean yesterday at a great place on the Miracle Mile (Seoul Soon Dubu). Not much of either fare in Miami, Florida, to
write home about.

Some sleuthing yesterday on Pilgrim Street to find what was probably the first Stockton in-town house for the Xanttopoulos Family (before #501 according to Aunt Katherine Skandel) - but still do not know where a "farm" was circa 1937 when they lived rurally with a horse named Rosie and some sort of fruit stand. I have some pictures, and now some new clues from Angelo Mitchell!

First Pilgrim Street house?

Will track down Andy Pappas today to talk about my visit to Kiparissi, also his village. Congrats to him and Jennifer on their new baby girl to be named Georgianna, I heard, after his dad.
More later -- but if anyone here wants to get drinks or lunch before I leave you can reply to this email. Efharisto poli!
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