Friday, September 2, 2016

On my way to Lekani to eat potatoes!

Speeding now towards Kavala on a Friday morning after making the 7:20 am bus from Naousa to Thessaloniki. No time between buses for a bathroom break, so let's hope for the best...

After 10 days getting settled in my studio apartment, kinda glad to be taking a trip -- the cleaning and shopping were getting to me, resulting in a cold I can't quite shake. First you sweat, then you cool off in a breeze or with a fan, and the result is multiple boxes of ComtrexCOLD...with each pharmacist suggesting a differing dosage.  Oy!

Have spent time exploring Naousa/listening to people, and today seems to be yet another day of reckoning when people go to the bank to see how much has been cut from their pensions this time. No end to the economic misery here...But now I am on my way to a quasi-remote village -- 2 buses a week! -- northeast of Kavala‎ named Lekani. We had 3 Girls School students from there, and I remember a charming place.  Now none of the "girls" live there full-time. 

When we got together for our big Reunion last April, I expressed an interest in going back to their village‎, which has a "Potato Festival" first weekend in September -- not that potatoes are on my diet of moderation (which is going pretty well so far). So about a week ago, we made a plan to meet in their home village, sniffles be damned. A last-minute check of the Weather Channel revealed temps around 75/50 F there coming days. Should be happy to escape the heat, but I have this damn (secret) cold. And with my heavier clothes still stashed in Thessaloniki, I didn't even pack a sweater (really?). But I do have my trusty Thea Lib Jean jacket to keep me warm...and just hope the one 1:30 pm bus isn't  sold out!

To be continued -- but while I'm eating potatoes in Lekani, you all have a great ‎ Labor Day Weekend! 

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