Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Disaster this morning in Greece w/heavy rains, flooding, destruction!

Was planning to update my blog w/details from my beautiful weekend in the two villages of Lekani and Platamon NE of Kavala. Maybe later...

Came down to Thessaloniki for a few errands, only to be greeted by heavy rains all night that caused havoc and disaster in many parts of Greece -- especially very near here along Thermaiko Bay ‎(ie. Ag. Triadha, Epanomi, Mihaniona) and also in the Peloponnesos, with havoc of "biblical" proportions reported in and around Kalamata.  So far 4 casualties -- and many homes, roads, towns/villages in ruin. Mud everywhere, cars floating out to sea, people in shock...

Keep in mind that the Greek people suffered yet another pension cut just last week along w/announcements of increased taxes/fees. School is supposed to start on Monday. Many have now gone from distraught to furious, as there appeared to be a (predictable) lack of services on top of everything else.  ‎Spent the morning checking in with friends/relatives -- some of you might want to do the same.

When are these people going to catch a break???

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