Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ghosts of Easters Past (Part II)

Preparations for Easter are moving forward...Today we dye the red eggs, and tomorrow the Epitaphion is front-and-center along with the poignant Hymns of Lamentation. When I was a child, there was nothing more thrilling and mysterious than bringing the Epitaphion onto Stanislaus Street on Good Friday night. Police cars blocked traffic and people watched from their front porches, as we marched along with candles that might blow out or drip all over our hands and clothes if we weren't careful. (In later years we walked around the parking lot, which wasn't quite as exciting. Happy to report that here in Miami they still walk around the block!)

My Mom Angeline on right, along with Lefty Fotinos
For several generations, the dedicated women of St. Basil's Philoptochos have decorated the Epitaphion with flowers for Good Friday Services -- so today I am thinking about women who are no longer with us (with the help of more pictures from the photo albums located in the Fireside Room)...and also about the friends and relatives at church today and tomorrow who are carrying on those beautiful traditions. Wish I was there, too...

My Yiayias Sarris and Xanttopulos (in the 70's?)

Listening now to Αι Γενεαί Πάσαι  on YouTube and watching a 2005 Good Friday service from I.N. Μεταμορφώσεως Μοσχατου (2005) in Athens...and I can smell the incense. Tomorrow the real thing!

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