Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ghosts of Easters Past (Part I)

Looking through the family photo collection at a series of pictures from 1937, I continue to wonder where exactly they were taken. As my grandfather Xanthoulis Xanthopoulos is in the picture, I must surmise that the place is a "farm" that the Xanthopoulos family lived on for a short period. They had a horse named "Rosie" and sold fruit somewhere. Angelo Mitchell thinks it was out on Mariposa Road. Would like to be sure of the location one day. Any thoughts out there? In any case, it is obviously Easter.

Left to right: Xanthoulis Xanthopoulos, Mrs. Lukas, my Yiayia Sarris,
Father Mandilaris, 2 unknown men, Mr. Likouri, Chris Huntalas, my Dad Steve,
and his Uncle Tony Gust. Kneeling w/the lamb is my Papou Sarris.
Thea Faith, Yiayia Xanttopulos, Mrs. Loukas, Eleni Huntalas, and Yiayia Sarris

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