Friday, March 14, 2014

Proud young AHEPANs back in the day...

When delving into the various photo albums located in the St. Basil's Church "Fireside Room" recently, I found a number of photos including my parents and other family members. Through the years, we participated in many church/community activities -- not the least of which were AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope meetings and soirees. The simplest way to copy any of the photos in those albums was to take pics with my cellphone. Some of them came out a bit blurry, but I cherish them nonetheless. And it's both fun and interesting to compare them through the years.

One that caught my eye especially was of former AHEPA Drum Corps Members. I remembered a photo I had at home of the Drum Corp back in the day, late 1930's, I think. There were 12 proud members of Stockton AHEPA Chapter No. 212. I recognize some, but not all: My dad Steve, George Dramalas, Harry Spanos, George Spanos, Angelo Mitchell. Who is that tall Drum Major? One of the women must beThelma Poulos. The other woman? Help!

The reunion picture has a caption, so it's easy to identify the cast of characters: Harry Spanos, George Dramalas, John Bisbikis, Thelma Poulos, Pete Spanos, Steve Xanttopoulos, George Spanos,  Angelo Mitchell, and  Paul Christopoulos. They were still quite proud, as you can see.  But those parades are hard to come by any more...

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