Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here is the Naoussa-to-California Koutsoukis Clan

Pauline Xanttopulos and Eleni Huntalas (who lived in Tracy) were the Koutsoukis sisters from Naoussa.  Eleni had 2 children, Katherine (Katina) and Gus. Pauline had 4 children -- Faith, Steve, Gus and Mary. Here are "the kids" and their spouses at a family get-together on April 9, 1988...

From left to right: George Skandale, Jim Hlebakos, Mary Hlebakos, Pete Pappas, Faith Pappas, Gus Xanttopulos, Angeline Xanttopoulos, Katherine Skandale, Ethel Xanttopulos, Steve Xanttopoulos, and Gus Huntalas (or is it a cousin from Australia?...)

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