Friday, September 6, 2013

Yalaktoboureko X 10

Here I am observing the making of ten -- yes, I said 10! - yalaktoboureka (a delicious Greek custard-filled, filo dough dessert.) Unfortunately, I cannot tell you why, or where they are going...but they will soon be sold for $3 a slice.

Layering the filo dough
This is quite an undertaking, which my friend Gayle has organized with military precision -- 6 stations in all...The butter, Cream of Wheat, milk, vanilla, and dried orange peel are pre-measured in small bowls -- ready to mix together and heat. The pan is then put in a sink full of cold water to cool it off a bit, so when the beaten eggs are added they won't curdle. 

A buttered 12"X18" baking pan is lined w/ 7-8 filo dough leaves, buttering each layer and cross-layering them so as to avoid potential syrup leaks. Then the custard mixture is added. Then more fila, scoring the top (one way only). And the yalaktoboureko is ready to be baked at 325-350 degrees (depending on your oven). Last but not least, 1 1/2 c. syrup (sugar & water, simmered until thick and then cooled) is poured on top and distributed evenly. Not too much syrup, please!

Gayle and the finished product

Viola! When I add the pictures to this blog post you will see exactly what I mean...But just so you know: when I grow up, I want to be a yalaktoboureko-maker, too.
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