Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walking in his father's shoes (literally)...

I noticed something yesterday afternoon at the coffee reception after Thea Bessie Pappas' Trisagion Service at St. Basil's. I asked Andy Pappas if the shoes he was wearing were Knapp shoes; not only were they Knapp shoes, but his father's Knapp shoes!

The man next to him (Vasilios Veziris) then said he was wearing his father's pants. Indeed, I had taken some of both my mother's and father's clothes when they passed. I no longer fit into my father's khaki shorts, but some day, hopefully, I will be wearing them again. My mother's blouses, no problem :)

Uncle George Pappas used to sell Knapp shoes on the side -- when he wasn't working for one of the local grocery stores. We all would give him a hard time, calling the shoes "space shoes" for their oddly-shaped toe boxes. But the work shoes were pretty standard-looking, and in high demand amongst Greek-Americans (like my Dad Steve and George Marmas) and others. Then, of course, Uncle George became a mainstay of the Papapavlo's Restaurant operation.

George Pappas may be gone, but his shoes keep working on.

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