Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's in an obituary?

Plenty. In a former life as a Development Director, I would scour the obituaries in the New York Times looking for clues to people who might support the school I was working for.  Obits expose family trees and thus are invaluable tools for genealogy research.

So nowadays I check the obits for anyone who is Greek, to see where they come from and whether by any stretch they are connected to someone I know or the towns that our forefathers came from -- and I always learn something regardless.

Sunday's Times (8-11-13), for example, told us about the sudden death of  Dr. George Moutoussis, 65, who was from Athens and specialized in Geriatric Medicine and Nephrology. His promise was: "To practice medicine in the old traditional way, when the doctor was not the provider and the patient was not the client." Amen to that.

But sometimes we are confronted with news that we could have done without -- like the obituary posted on August 7th in the Stockton Record for my friend Cally Anagnos, 84, a Giants fan and sister of the late, beloved Helen Gaines amongst others. The Anagnos family has had more than its share of illness and tragedy, including the recent death of Cally's daughter, Kathy. And just like that, the St. Basil's Greek Festival pastry booth -- once my mother Angeline's domain -- lost two devoted volunteers.  Zoi se mas.

Now the rest of us will just have to carry on. See you in Stockton on September 6-8 for Greek Festival #54!

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