Friday, August 9, 2013

President Obama gives the Greeks advice...

In a meeting in the Oval Office yesterday, President Obama gave the Greeks and Prime Minister Antonios Samaras some advice: “In dealing with the challenges that Greece faces, we cannot simply look to austerity,” Mr. Obama said in brief remarks to reporters after the two leaders met. “It’s important that we have a plan for fiscal consolidation to manage the debt, but it’s also important that growth and jobs are a focus.” (New York Times 8-9-13)...

Too little too late for a country with 26% unemployment (60%+ for young people under 25)? Hopefully more was said/done during the private meeting, as the people of Greece continue to suffer greatly for a situation not entirely of their making. Certainly, regular folks with no jobs, shrinking pensions, high fuel costs, and evaporating health care need support from us all.

Morning coffee near Hotel Diana
Consider a trip to Greece soon and a visit to my Yiayia Sarris' home town, the beautiful and multi-faceted Koroni, Messinias

P.S. Looking for a Koroni hotel?  Try the Hotel Diana --  modest, clean and VERY conveniently located "downtown" a few steps from the seaside restaurants, shops, etc. And a short walk to the beaches and kastro above the town.  Cost me 25 Euros a night last November, and I even had a key to the front door!

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