Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Georgia Metaxas 1916-2013

I was so sad to hear that Georgia Metaxas died early this morning. She was one of my favorite people -- and 96-years-old, so maybe I shouldn't have been so shocked. But she was still pretty amazing, and, according to my Thea Libby and her neighbor/dining buddy at Rio Las Palmas, she had wanted to make it to 100.  Georgia passed rather suddenly, so that is a good thing.

My friend Georgia was a stalwart in the Stockton Greek-American community -- a seamstress par excellence who lived for many years on W. Alpine, not far from Gaines Market and our own house on W. Sonoma.  Her late brother Jerry worked at the S&G Market on South El Dorado, and another brother Nick (and Bella's) son George is my parents' godson. Lots of history there. I simply can't remember a time when I did not know Georgia Metaxas.  

She was sharper than a tack right up until the end-- and whenever I was seeking some historical information in recent years, I was always told, "Ask Georgia Metaxas." And I did. 

I last saw Georgia when we visited with her on her 96th birthday last year, on the day after Christmas. We had planned to get her some of her favorite raviolis from DeVinci's, but they were closed (for some reason) -- so she had to make do with donuts with strawberry filling from Krispy Kreme. Her niece Phyllis came by, too.  We hung out and laughed.

My Thea Libby is really going to miss Georgia. So am I.

NOTE: Georgia's great friend from early Stockton days, Georgia Demakopoulos Johnson, passed away on July 17, 1977.  As her daughter Elaine said upon hearing the latest news, "What's the chance?"

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