Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chicago Jimmy = Koroni Convent?

All roads lead to Koroni -- seriously!

It would be good enough just to eat a meal  at my favorite Chicago Greek restaurant, Rodytis -- and chat with Jimmy the Manager, whom I've known for about 10 years.

Jimmy Kalogeropoulos
This time a little more chatting lead to the inevitable, "Where is your family from?" When I mentioned Koroni, he basically said: "I'm from Messinia and my aunts were nuns in the convent  above Koroni for 40+ years." Yes, that very same convent started by a monk related to Yiayia Sarris and which she wanted to join. He got his other aunt Stamata (now in Chicago) on the phone for a chat. She was glad to hear that the convent -- which has undergone some turmoil -- is open, so she can go visit again. Jimmy said I made her day, but he made mine! 

Jimmy Kalogeropoulos (from Loutro) lights a candle at the convent every time his goes to Greece. He said he'd like to take me around Messinia if we are there same time. After this conversation, who knows?

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