Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Been awhile since I accessed this blog myself, but rest assured that I am on a mission...trying to document family history through anecdotes and research. And I hope you will help by commenting and adding tidbits and photos whenever you can -- please!

Yesterday I spent time with my second cousin Elaine Sampanis (nee Johnson). You may know that that she is the current Supreme President of the Daughters of Penelope, and was in Florida for the Epiphany thing in Tarpon Springs and then down in Boca Raton. We hooked up for the day and reminisced over photos and Greek salad at my place -- all on one of the coldest days in Miami history, but probably not as cold as Ohio!

It was great to see her again. We looked at a very old photo of my papou and his sisters with various chidren. His sister Sophia was Elaine's grandmother and we remembered the great times we had visiting the Demakopoulos's (Sophia and Bill, former owners of the Palace Candy store) and Mellises (Foti and Evelyn, Elaine's aunt)in Santa Cruz. Those times are the very real reason for Skee-Ball app on my Ipod!

The other sister, we don't remember the name, died in a flu epidemic in SF during WWI. My Aunt Liberty thinks one her daughters -- Jenny? -- lived in Lodi. Anyone know who that is? How could I find this person?

OK, that's all for now. Let's keep this baby moving!

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