Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Get Started

Getting ready for my trip to Stockton for Thanksgiving -- and also preparing some photos to ask my Aunt Liberty about. I am rounding up as much family history as I can, including info for a family tree and a timeline of my family in Stockton. Recently, I have missed my parents more and more...

1879 W. Sonoma Street (2-09)

The picture on the right is one of five I have in a special frame, chronicling the many years my mother was best friends with Oly Spanos and Anthe Faipeas. This friendship was a constant in our lives, through the day of Oly's funeral in 2007. Does anyone know when this picture was taken?

When I come back to Stockton, it sometimes feels like nothing has changed -- and that none of us have changed, except to grow older. Guess that's why I like to come home.

We have a lot of shared memories and some things we don't know about, so let's share what we can -- before it's too late, if you know what I mean. Let's ask questions, so that we can put together the story of Greeks and Greek-Americans in Stockton, CA.

What do you think?

Paula ("to poulaki," as George Pappas likes to call me:)

PS: The children of the women in the photo have been sent invitations to follow this blog + Debbie Buck, even though Helen Marmas was not in the photo -- but I still need the email addresses for Peter Marmas, Vickie Spanos, Gary Spanos, and Jimmy Spanos. Thanks!


  1. Wow - it brought tears to my eyes.
    Connie Faipeas

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  2. these women were an anomoly, they were close as a group due to their common bound of being married into a greek family, sharing that ethnicity and the greek languade they spooke. Rotation guided whose home we'd be at after church every Sunday for dinner, furthering their unique qualities, which is lost in today's family.