Friday, June 5, 2015

Just a few kilometers from Kyparissi, and I am freaking out!

John Tsiglieris
‎Sitting on the bus to Kyparissi, Lakonias, I turned to ask another rider if he could tell the driver that we wanted to get out at the Paralia intersection. He said, "Where are you going?" I said to my grandfather George Sarris' village. What? He lived at one time in Tracy and went to St. Basil's Church. Did I know Nick Demas? My Uncle Nick, whose mother Sofia was my Papou's sister? Turns out that John Tsiglieris (see photo) lived in Tracy 1970 - 86. He and another Kiparissioti, John Migoulis, bought The Diner from Bill Panagos, whose wife Helen was my brother Bill's Nouna. John also actually remembers my Papou's oldest brother Ilias (Louis) as an old man here in Kyparissi. And as he lives in the Vrisi section of Kyparissi -- where the Sarris family had a mill and homestead -- and knows other people I mentioned. Unbelievable, I am freaking out!

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