Monday, May 6, 2013

Father Wegner strikes again (and again)

Today is the Second Day of Easter in Greece -- and a chance to reflect on yesterday.

The Holy Saturday night service at Holy Trinity Church in Peterborough, Ontario, was sweet indeed -- small church, friendly people, and George, the Major Domo at "the front of the house" originally from Tripolis. George wanted to make sure I found the restroom OK, and later told me he had a sister in Tampa and had visited Ft. Lauderdale/Key Biscayne. Yes, we Greeks get around!

Father Kyriakos Wegner made it through "Theftelavete Fos" smoothly despite the rush of people trying to get the first light from his Easter candle, and then quietly said the prayers that segued into the Divine Liturgy.  His short, poignant sermon talked about the "raw truth" of Easter not being just vaguely about Christians and celebrations, but the seriousness of glorifying Jesus' sacrifice by leading a true Christian Life (not such an easy task). He reminded us that being a good Christian was not just about the individual, but about helping one another. Amen.

Father Wegner & Friends
Then Father Wegner really got to work. As we approached to get a blessing and the traditional red egg, there seemed to be a bit of a commotion up front. Upon looking closer, I saw that the priest was not just handing out red eggs. Father Wegner was actually cracking eggs with each and every parishioner -- and enjoying every moment.  I had never before witnessed such a delightful ending to the Easter Service (despite my losing the cracking contest), have you?  

That was definitely my favorite 2013 Greek Easter memory. The dinner (lamb and more red eggs) we made for friends in Port Hope that evening was a close second...Christos Anesti!

PS: George also apologized for the fact that they had run out of those newfangled plastic wax-catching things for the candles (see previous post). Just let them drip, he said -- and they did, all over my black pants. Yet another reason to bring back the Dixie cups!

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