Friday, July 24, 2015

Eureka -- thanks to an Orfeos newspaper blurb and a missing photograph!

As previously posted, I had visited Nea Skopos in Northern Greece on 6/21 in my quest to learn something more about my grandfather, Xanthoulis Xanthopoulos -- a man from Skopos, Turkey, that we know next to nothing about before he married Paraskevoula Koutsoukis in Naousa circa 1916...except the names of his parents, Efstathios and Kokosill (as noted on his 1941 death certificate). No one I spoke with that day knew anyone who might be related to me. And I was told there was no K name Kokosill in the Skopos tradition, but there was a name Kokony. 

I was on a mission to find at least one Xanthopoulos relative on this trip. So the Syllogos Orfeos in Nea Skopos graciously offered to include a blurb about my search w/my cellphone# in their quarterly newspaper, which was just about to be printed... 

20 days later and on the night before I left Thessaloniki, I spoke with someone who had read the newspaper and given me a call. Her maiden name was Eleni Xanthopoulou, her grandparents were named Efstathios and Kokkony...and she remembers being told that her Yiayia would go to Naousa to visit relatives.  Eureka!

Eleni said that somewhere she had a photograph of four people that was received with a box of clothes and she was sure that I was in that photograph. Out-of-the-blue she referenced "Stockton, California" -- which all sounded nothing short of too good to be true.   

This was the first person on the Papou Xanthoulis Xanthopoulos side of the Family Tree that I have ever located -- made possible because the Syllogos Orfeos in Nea Skopos was kind enough to publicize my quest, and then Eleni (who lives in Serres, father Kostas) happened to see it. We did not have time to meet in person this trip, but we have an enthusiastic connection and something to build on. Now to find that photograph! 

NOTE: If you have queries about Skopos relatives you can write to Theodoros Voyiaris, President of Orfeos in Nea Skopos (Serron), or call him at 306949535354. It works!

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  1. Wow! Fabulous!! This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing.