Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tradition: Dancing for Bessie Pappas

Just sitting here near the outdoor stage at St.Basil's Greek Festival, waiting for the Greek dance performance by the church's groups. (Reminds of my days at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki when folk dancing was a major preoccupation of mine -- and I had even organized a student Pontiako dance group, but that's another story..)

It is nearly overwhelming to see so many kids aged about 13-18 involved in performing traditional dances here in the year 2013. There are 2 groups, Keravnos and Astrapi, directed by Maria Karapanos: "We dance to honor tradition and those who came before us." 
Elliana Pappas (2nd from left)
This performance is being dedicated to the late Bessie Pappas, whose granddaughter Elliana dances in the group. She is Andy and Jennifer Pappas' daughter. "Thea Bessie" was a linchpin in the family's very successful Papapavlo's Restaurant. Her funeral is this coming Wednesday.

Here they come -- but just wait a minute! It's a group of 8 small people called Kali Parea (Good Company), directed by Rodama Veziris. Ti omorfa paidhia  ("What beautiful children").

And now for the main attraction: dances from several regions of Greece by about 20 young people who look like they really love it. Gives me hope that these dances and traditions will last a lot longer than we will...Opa!

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